Animal Welfare

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I have a long-standing commitment to improving the lives of our most vulnerable citizens. Inevitably, this has led me to call for improvements to how we protect the most powerless and dependent creatures – the animals that share our homes and our lives.

In my 13 years as an elected member of the WA parliament I have continued to challenge the status quo seeking improvements in how our law-makers, industry and individuals care for companion, livestock and wild animals.

Since the McGowan Labor government was elected in 2017, I have invited more than 250 rescue and rehoming groups to the WA Parliament to showcase the work of volunteers and staff who, every day, strive to save the lives of animals. Their work is extremely difficult and I believe that their efforts should be recognised and celebrated.

I'm very proud that the McGowan Government has established a $2 million Animal Welfare Grants Program that will be open to rescue and rehoming groups to apply for grants in support of all the work they do saving and finding homes for animals.

Stop Puppy Farming passes the WA Parliament

The McGowan Government’s Stop Puppy Farming legislation passed WA Parliament December 15, 2021.

The laws turn pet shops into adoption centres – pet shops must partner with accredited rescue shelters to rehome dogs and pups.

We’ve been supported along this journey by animal regulatory experts, dog breeders and vets, this new regime is world best practice and will trace and stop the horrendous practices found in puppy mills.

A critical part of improving animal welfare is improving the traceability of animals. The new laws establish a centralised, statewide database where every dog and cat will be registered and can be traced back to the breeder.

All dogs will be desexed by the age of two years. Anyone who wants to keep their dogs ‘entire’ will have to be registered as a potential dog breeder on the new database to strengthen traceability. A dog can also be exempted from the desexing provisions on veterinary grounds.

Until now, WA’s retired greyhounds have had to be muzzled in public. This is no longer law! The ‘snoots’ of all companion greyhounds will now be freed!