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The electorate of Maylands is home to a large, visible and very diverse LGBTIQA+ community. Since her election to office in 2008, Lisa has actively consulted with and represented the rights of her LGBTIQA+ constituents.

In Opposition, she worked hard to hold the former government to account for its failure to support the rights of the LGBTIQA+ community.

In 2015 she helped make history in the WA Legislative Assembly when her motion recommending a free vote for marriage equality in the Federal Parliament was successfully carried through the Legislative Assembly.

The motion included that the Legislative Assembly calls on the Federal Government to abandon the proposed plebiscite on marriage equality.

In 2016 Lisa drew the attention of the Parliament to the fact that WA is the only state in Australia to have not yet cleared the records of men who had been convicted of homosexuality under antiquated laws that existed prior to 1989.

When elected into Government in 2017, the McGowan Government expunged these records.

Lisa was also responsible for the City of Bayswater Council making a public declaration in support of Marriage Equality.